Weekend Trip

This weekend, Indi and I are going to Dallas to visit her uncle. I’m taking the Netbook as it will be a good dry run for our USA leg of the trip.

I also plan to get some additional musics to listen to on the drive. I have to sit in the back seat of the truck, which is fine…I just get carsick in the back. Bleh. It’s one of those weird things where I got sick as a kid, got better, and now I’m back to not handling it well.

Oh, and on an unrelated note: the building they approved to replace the WTC towers has been renamed to ‘One World Trade Center’. They were going to call it ‘Freedom Tower’. Am I the only one that thinks ‘Freedom Tower’ was stupid? It’s like that ‘Freedom Fries’ crap they pulled. It feels too PC and contrived. One World Trade Center is the address, and they are now going with that name. Good for them. Now if they can ever just get it built…

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