Visiting Dallas

We made it in about midnight last night. It was a long drive, but made quite shorter due to two factors: Dramamine and Road Games. I took a dramamine ’cause I get carsick in the backseat. Unbeknownst to me, it also makes you drowsy. So I’m all settled in the back, thinking about sleep, putting in my earphones and putting on some Arcade Fire and then…wham! Indi hits me with a road game. I could not choose to not play.

It was the classic ‘Name an (actor) that starts with the letter A’ then B, then C, etc. It lasted the WHOLE TIME. ALL OF IT! Sleep did not happen. But at least there wasn’t drab driving involved.

We took an alternate route to Dallas; normally I go through OKC. Instead, we went through some smaller towns, including the ominous ‘Stringtown’ where we actually stopped at a travel plaza. Indi got a Big Red there, which is the worst cola ever. It doesn’t even belong in the cola category. Horrible.

Anyway; today we’re going to breakfast, and then the Container Store, perhaps a bookstore. It’s cold but there is no snow. I wonder how Tulsa is faring…

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