Saying Goodbye: Part II

It’s Tuesday. Back in our AT&T Days (it still feels weird to refer to AT&T as past tense) Tuesday was the inevitable day of damage and destruction. If something was to go wrong, it would’ve been on a Tuesday. This curse appears to be broken, thankfully.

We’ve said goodbye to a few more folks. Saturday, of course, was our big goodbye bash for our friends. I already wrote about that. Sunday we went to Indi’s Aunt/Uncle’s up in Inola for Easter Dinner and some goodbyes. Good food and more interest in our travels than I expected. I got to deconstruct my pack and show everyone what our boat looks like and all that. It was pretty nice, actually. Aside from the rain.

Monday had a few more goodbyes on tap. I had lunch with Mark (and surprise guest Jason!) at Cheddar’s. It was great, just like old times. Many laughs were had and I got a chance to go over our loose itinerary again. Mark gave me a small gift: a St. Christopher necklace. He is the patron saint of travelers and it means a lot to me. (Side note: Jason once mentioned that I looked like a rapist with a baseball cap on back when I had my long hair; how the tides have turned. Get a haircut, hippy!)

We also had dinner last night for a final farewell to Indi’s Dad and Stepmother. It was good times as well and we -may- have an impromptu meetup in Vegas.

Yesterday was also an errand day. Indi’s sewing some ‘secret pockets’ into our packs for some stashed monies. We went downtown to get some New Zealand monies from the central BoK branch at the BoK Tower. I had never been in there. It really amazed me how similar it was inside from the former World Trade Center towers in NYC. (No, I had never visited NYC, but several 9/11 documentaries were on my rotation for a time) I was pretty sure it was a 1/4 scale replica of the WTC towers, but when I asked the teller she wasn’t sure. I’ve since verified that is indeed the case; how sad that someone works in such a historic building and has no idea. Anyway, they couldn’t help us; we had to order it and it’ll be delivered to a local branch out here in B.A. Meh.

Today we go to Nana and Papa’s (Indi’s Mom’s Folks) for a farewell luncheon. It’s going to be wrenching. Tomorrow is a big errand day for final arrangements and Thursday is goodbye for my family. Friday morning is go time.

(unrelated: we’re going to miss so much by just a week. We missed the Alamo Drafthouse Star Trek premiere, we’ll miss Eddie Izzard in L.A. and the Coachella Music Festival. Argh! Oh, we did get tickets to see The Faint w/Ladytron in Anaheim. Score!)

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