Going Away Party

Wow, what a fantastic time.
Last night we had our going away party for family and friends. The VFW at 6th and Peoria served as a perfect venue for the Baron to play and our friends to gather and enjoy themselves. The drinks were strong (I can personally attest to this) and the times were merry.
We had a great turnout! Our notifications now go out to forty people and we got some wonderful comments in our guestbook and from an unexpected place: a banner. Back at AT&T (Cingular) I was in charge of a tech support training program for about a year and a half called Troubleshooting University. It’s my favorite thing I ever did at that company. Well, the old banner was hanging around (not literally) somewhere and a ton of people signed it and gave it to me at the party! It’s awesome! When I have a house again someday I’ll hang it up for permanent display.

It really was great to see so many people out and having a good time. The Baron sounded good as always and Christian’s acoustic sets helped provide some mellow breaktimes for talk. Thank you both for being a part of a special night. I posted a few picture on Flickr (once I started drinking, the camera didn’t come out as often) so check ’em out.

After the party, some of us adjourned to IHOP and good times continued there. I am happy to say that for the FIRST TIME I got drunk enough to have an amazing time but didn’t get sick. I got close! But this wasn’t a repeat of New Years. Either time.

Anyway, thanks again and I can’t wait for you all to experience this journey with us.

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