Vegas Bites

Rhys has it spot on when he calls Vegas the polar opposite of the Grand Canyon. The only purity to the city is impurity, a state it has perfected. Some quick bites from Sin City below.

Top However-Many Things about Vegas

  • Hearing hundreds of languages and accents in one place. People appear to flock here from around the world!
  • Having the opportunity to practice my Japanese (with a gambler from Nara), Thai (to a blackjack dealer from Thailand), and Chinese (to a blackjack dealer from China).
  • No antes on blackjack tables.
  • Gorgeous suite at the Stratosphere – we got upgraded for very cheap because our reserved room wasn’t ready.
  • Strawberry EXTREME!
  • The Star Trek machines – you logged in and saved your progress, so it was like you were working toward goals while gambling. Dangerous and addictive!
  • The Venetian, with its “open skies.”
  • Seeing robot waitress who could not walk in heels.
  • The strip at night in all its neon glory.
  • Dancing fountains at Bellagio, Volcano at Mirage
  • Free drinks everywhere
  • Naked card collecting

Worst However-Many Things about Vegas

  • Being sick in Vegas (Eagle knows this better than I ever will, though)
  • The uber-severe blackjack dealer-ess, who looked like the scary old lady from the Dark Crystal.
  • Crap service at the Stratosphere – no one working there seemed to know what was going on.
  • Stupid timeshare scam artists accosting you at every entrance and exit.
  • Siren’s Call at Treasure Island – omg lame.
  • The worst blackjack player – IN THE WORLD. He was at our table and had no idea what he was doing – all the other tables were full. He seriously a. tried to stay on a six and then again on a TEN, and b. kept hitting 10+ hands against 5s and 6s (often taking the bust card and screwing the table in the process). YIKES!
  • Sad, old casinos squatting in the shadows of their newer and more successful brethren.
  • Not winning.
  • Missing my dad in Vegas by one day!
  • Missing the Star Trek Experience exhibit by ten days!
  • Strip-jaded faces in strip-jaded places.
  • Forgot to hit the Oxygen Bar and Bodies exhibit. D’oh!

No, not substantive, sorry! California is fabulous, fabulous, fabulous. The weather is cool and lovely, In N’ Out was a treat, we’re staying with the nicest dude in Long Beach, and we’re going to Huntington Beach today. Life is good.

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