Vegas Over, but California Awesome

So, it’s been a few days. Our second day in Vegas was pure gambling for the most part. Indi and Nikki enjoyed the Star Trek slots and Brad enjoyed a lot of blackjack. Since I don’t gamble I decided to go for another walk. I took a cab to the end of the Strip (The Luxor) and walked all the way back to the Stratosphere. After the previous day’s walk, it got rough at the end, but it was really great. I got a few good pictures, but I stopped eventually because it was just more buildings.

Today brought us our final road trip from Vegas to Long Beach. The mountains were beautiful and the desert was interesting. It was on a particularly lonely stretch of road that I had my first pangs of sadness that would be our farewell to Nikki and Brad. They’ve been so good to us. This has been the best road trip ever.

Then, we got to the home we’re staying in until our disembarkation:

Holy God. This place is AMAZING! It is one of the oldest homes on Signal Hill and has a spectacular view! The weather is perfect, the air is sweet, and our host is extraordinarily gracious. Doug came into our lives via a co-worker of mine and I cannot be thankful enough. Not only did he open his home to us, but he made guacamole (which I tried for the first time – not bad!) and took us on a tour of the area.

We got to see the docks, the canals, some great scenic points, and houses galore. Also, he took us to In n Out. And I have to say it was the greatest burger I have ever eaten. The staff was nice and helpful (better than Chik-Fil-A, which is saying something) and…well, that’s it. Perfection. Well worth the wait and the burger fast.

Tomorrow brings our first full day in the greater Los Angeles area and our next ‘event’ is the concert on Saturday Night. We have a wonderful host, company of friends, and a lot of fantastic food options. It’s going to be a great final week in the states.

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