Itenerary Update

We’ve made a decision regarding our stay in NZ.

Looking at our budget, if we stay as long as we anticipated we’ll be over budget. Not only that, but we’re not going to be able to enjoy the South Island (which everyone here says is where the REAL New Zealand is at) in the winter without buying a significant amount of thermal wear, which we’ll just have to discard when we head to Indonesia. So, we’re going to be leaving NZ a little early.

We’ve booked flight from Auckland to Bali in late June. We’re going to visit the consulate in Wellington next week to verify Visa requirements, etc, and our Visa will only be good in Indonesia for 30 days. That’ll give us some time to travel to Jakarta and do a little exploring before heading to Malaysia. The American Dollar travels much further there as well, so we’ll be able to recover from our earlier expensive days here in NZ.

So, for the rest of our time here, we’ll be heading back up north towards Auckland. We will be in Wellington for a few days and I’d like to go to Napier (lots of art deco architecture there) and perhaps visit the old Hobbiton sets. Time will go quickly I’m sure.

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