Quick Update – BLEARGH

Some sort of horrid sinus infection has captured me in it’s phlegmy tentacles. I have discovered it is certainly not more, potentially even less, fun to be sick in a foreign country. Hostels are loud and the people are substantially less friendly in a big-city downtown hostel than at any of our previous ones – poor Rhys has tried to strike up conversations and been countered at every turn, either by a quick insincere smile, then walking away, or by the ever-present “Go to hell” look. For the most part, I have just let my fellow backpackers be – especially in my current condition, I don’t exactly want anyone talking to me either.

Auckland is pretty fun though, when you’re not ill. Lots to see and do, and while I wouldn’t call it a 24/7 city, it is a 24-hour city on the weekends. Weeknights, it looks a little like downtown Tulsa, except way more built up – but closed. Thursday through Sunday, though, it hops every hour, throughout the night. Bars and clubs don’t really appear to close – their closing hours are listed as either craziness like 4am or 6am, or simply left as “til LATE.”

Benadryl kicking back in.

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