Some Random Bits

*Dr. Pepper doesn’t exist here. When we were in Wellington, the bloke we were staying with had a side job refilling vending machines. He had just discovered Dr. Pepper and had purchased a case. It was absolutely maddening to think of someone who’d never had a Dr. Pepper, or anything LIKE it, before. My brother will be devastated.

*Toilets are serious business. When you flush the commode, it seems like half the water in the city shows up to erase whatever you’ve done. The water pressure in this entire country is unbelievable. Also, hot water is REALLY hot.

*Smoking is illegal indoors in the entire country. That’s a breath of fresh air. HA!

*Ketchup is called tomato sauce. It’s also rather scarce, as you have to ask for it (even at McD’s) and you get the wary eye when you ask, as if they are hording it for some ketchup apocalypse.

*Feeling like a foreigner. I don’t, really. If I keep my mouth shut, I look just like everyone else. No one is wiser. It’s the accent (and, yes, sometimes the Travelin’ Hat[tm]) that give me away. Everyone speaks my language, there are plenty of American brands around. It’s like I’m in an episode of Sliders. After next week, though, it’s going to be different.

*Pods. Thanks to Nick in Wellington, I’m addicted to these things. They’re from M&M/Mars. They are little bowl-shaped cookie bits with a chocolate/caramel mix in the concave part. So good! I got a bag at the movies and have been rationing them.

One thought on “Some Random Bits

  1. Hahaha, that ketchup thing reminds me of this bit on Jim Gaffigan's King Baby special. He talks about when you're at a fast food place and they give you like two ketchup packets, then when you go to ask for more they act like you're taking from their own personal stash. "Well, it looks like my kids aren't having ketchup tonight."

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