Short moment of silence…

…for Iran, and Neda.

I am awash with grief for a woman I have never met, and would likely never meet. I can’t say it better than said by, of all people, farkers (posters on, who have been faster and more accurate with information than any news source), so I’ll lift a post that has made the rounds.

MadTheologian: brigid_fitch: Vertically Challenged: globalwarmingpraiser: AnkhX10.0: globalwarmingpraiser: Neda, May your soul be sped to God’s right hand and your sacrifice be the inspiration for the freedom of millions. Killed by those that would pervert faith for power you have became inspiration for millions. Libertas Vel Nex. May you rest in the arms of god.

Peace be unto you

So say we all.

So say we all.

So say we all.

So say we all.

So say we all.

So say we all.

So say we all.

Many are giving their lives to get information out of Iran and into the world’s view – I know especially in the United States, we have difficulty getting information about international events, and what we do is severely diluted. Please, take a moment and visit or , or if you are on twitter, you can follow the iran tweet grid (#iranelection). It is all we can do to know, and to find anyway we can to help. If you are techy, they need proxy servers. If you are political, they need support protests even in America. If you are not any of these things, these human beings fighting for freedom just need solidarity. Learn and love.

“First they ignore you
Then they laugh at you
Then they fight you.
Then you win.” – Mahatma Gandhi

//stepping off my soapbox, I’m sorry for the political tangent – we now return you to your regularly scheduled program.

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