New Foods List – June 2009

Mon 6/1: Satsuma, Salami & Cheese Scone – I loved the satsuma. Way better than an orange. The scone was also quite tasty. It’s similar to a biscuit.
Sun 6/7: Turkish Delight – I still don’t quite know what to think. I didn’t like the taste combination. The White Witch would not hold sway over me.
Wed 6/10: Falafel – Quite edible once I adjusted to the texture. Which is good, because it’s everywhere.
Sat 6/13: Poached Egg – Hmm. I still prefer scrambled, but like this better than fried.
Sun 6/14: Vegemite – Yuck times infinity. I’d rather eat old motor oil.
Mon 6/15: Beef Schnitzel w/malonayse – Pretty good! Breaded meat products rarely disagree with me. The tomatoes were cooked nicely.
Thu 6/18: Mango – A new favorite. Perfect after dinner.
Sun 6/21: Tempe, Crispy Duck – Tempe is a sweet soya based grain dish, very good and very Indonesian. Duck is amazing!
Mon 6/22: Papaya – Not a big fan. I’m not a fan of melons in general It would probably be better as a juice.
Tue 6/23: Nasi Gorang (Indonesian) – Indonesian fried rice dish, made authentically in a wok and with a variety of ingredients. Very good!
Thu 6/25: Mie Gorang – fried noodles from a roadside stand. A little spicy for my taste, but it was good to distract from the vegetables, ha.
Sat 6/27: Banana Pancake – the Indonesian tourist staple. I don’t really like banana, so the pancake had an unfair disadvantage.
Tue 6/30: Kroepoek – It’s an airy cracker type thing made from prawns (shrimp). Very interesting and more tasty than expected.

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