New Foods List – July

7/2: Nasi Campur – Rice with odds ‘n ends. Bits of various unidentified meats. Surprisingly tasty and mega cheap.
7/4: Mie Ayam, Deep Fried Banana Fritters – Mie Ayam is a chicken noodle meal, and it was super good. Well seasoned and, yes, it had veggies in it. This particular one also had a meatball at the bottom, but it was for taste only, not ingestion. I hate bananas, so I did not particularly enjoy the fritters. Even now, thinking about it makes me nauseous.
7/12: Beef Sichuan – So very good. Similar to Mongolian Beef back home, but not quite the same. I wanted a second plate but that would’ve been gluttonous.
7/13: Mushroom – They came on the side of a dinner, and they were covered in black pepper sauce. Not as bad as I feared…the texture didn’t bother me so much. They were thinly sliced, though, and as there weren’t many my judgment on fungus is still reserved.
7/15: Chicken Satay – Wow, a meat-on-a-stick I didn’t care for. The peanut sauce that makes the Satay just doesn’t agree with my culinary palette.
7/16: Curry Chicken – My first impression of curry sauce is that it tasted faintly of licorice. It wasn’t bad in small quantities, and this is only the beginning of my curry experience.
7/20: Indian Buffet – the owner of our homestay in Kuala Lumpur took us to one of his favorite Indian restaurants and I ate off of a banana leaf. I can’t honestly say what all I had, but here’s a partial list: rice, vegetable medley, red chicken drumstick, several curry sauces (including a mint one) and what must have been a pickled lime. It was eye-opening, for sure, but I’m not sure that I particular enjoyed all of it. The lime was surprisingly refreshing.
7/22: Apple Honey Soy Milk – What an odd combo! It was better than I expected, tho I prefer to stick to water for the time being. It’s so hot here that, to quote Will Ferrell, milk is a bad choice.
7/23: Satay Beef Stomach, Chinese Donut – I tried the Satay again, still not sold on it. Beef stomach was the closest thing to beef as I know it that I’ve had in Asia. The donut was a long baguette-like donut fried in a wok on the street. It was unremarkable, but good.
7/24: Cheese Tart – Not sure why they’re called a tart. It was a little pastry, pretty tasty, but Indi enjoyed it more than I did. This is true of most cheese items anyway.

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