Rhys’ New Foods List – August 09

8/1 – Kickapoo Joy Juice – It sound exotic, but it’s a Mtn Dew ripoff.

8/3 – 7up Revive – Disgusting attempt at an energy drink. Tastes like sweat.

8/4 – Roti (cheese) – It was a paper-thin bready-type item filled with cheese. I quite enjoyed it, but what’s not to love?

8/5 – Kale – Surprisingly tasty and crisp. I don’t mind these at all. I know, I know, stop the presses…

8/11 – Cauliflower, Roasted Garlic, Dragonfruit Juice – First time I’d had cauliflower of any decent measurement. Not a big fan, I like broccoli better. The roasted garlic was OVERPOWERING and I have a definite limit on that The dragonfruit juice was unremarkable and bland.

8/13 – Lamb Stir-Fry, Coleslaw – OMG the lamb was awesome. Favorite dish in a long while. And coleslaw wasn’t as bad as I thought it was be, as in: I didn’t vomit. Still not a huge fan though. I think it’s the mayo.

8/14 – Baby Corn, Aiolli, Creamy Leek Soup – I just can’t get into corn even baby corn. Aiolli is a bit different here than NZ, and much more tasty. I liked the Leek Soup and would order it again, much to Indi’s surprise.

8/18 – Spinach Butter, Naan – Spinach butter is awesome! Naan is likewise very nice, though there are many varieties I’ve yet to sample.

8/19 – Spring Roll, Samosa – Spring roll is another one of those “not so bad” entries for my palate, but the samosa was too spicy. I’m not there yet.

8/21 – Mushroom (2) – Yes, I listed this last month, but this is a big one. I tried some different ones and still kind’ve enjoyed them. I’ll have a third go before I settle this one though.

8/22 – Butter Cake – No, I’ve never had butter cake. Seriously. It was great. The End.

8/23 – Ostrich, Strawberry Tea – Ostrich is an amazing taste combination of beef and turkey. It was prepared on a sizzling hot plate and, though not as good as lamb, was an instant hit. Strawberry tea is nice, though I’m not a huge fan of strawberry in general. We got some to send home!

8/30 – Honey Mustard – I’ve had this before, but I can’t get enough of the stuff now. I don’t know what happened, but man…it’s good stuff Maynard!

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