Thoughts on Cambodia and Thailand

Since I still owe ya'll my impressions on Thailand, I figured for once I'd wrap up two countries in one post. We're spending the night in Bangkok with an amazing Couchsurf lady and looking forward to our trip to Japan tomorrow! Thailand Thailand was probably the most built-up country I've been to thusfar. Everyone who … Continue reading Thoughts on Cambodia and Thailand

Travel Along with us – Culinarily (Thailand Edition)

I have procured for you some authentic Thai recipes - these are uber-healthy vegetarian versions, feel free to substitute meat (chicken or shrimp is best) for tofu in these. They are wonderful! Thai Green Curry (Serves 1-2; multiply dish to serve more) (Serve with rice) * 3.5 oz white tofu, diced into medium size (can … Continue reading Travel Along with us – Culinarily (Thailand Edition)

Detoxification Retreat Review – Part 3 (Final)

Sunset over Lipa Noi Day 5 Woke up. Barely. Absolutely did not want to get up. Got up. Tongue covered in some horrid substance. This explains the tongue scraper they give you in the gift basket. Gagged and retched. Walked outside. Almost didn't make it as they were leaving. Guzzled down the spirulina drink. Ugh. … Continue reading Detoxification Retreat Review – Part 3 (Final)