From Phuket to Phi Phi

This blog isn’t going to be as verbose as I’d like, as my right wrist is wrapped tightly with an Ace Bandage. We’ll get to that.

Phuket, or Karon Beach on Phuket anyway, is done for. We spent five days there and aside from my tour of Phang Nga Bay, we did a lot of swimming and relaxing. Not a lot to talk about. Today we caught a ferry from Phuket to Phi Phi Island, known around here as quite a popular island destination.

We ride atop the ferry (Indi burned quite badly) and arrive after about an hour and a half through the Andaman Sea. We arrive and are met by a gentleman from our guesthouse. The island is quite small, and there are no motor vehicles, so he leads us on with a push cart. After about fifteen minutes of walking through the alleyways and shop districts of the small town (and a bloody steep hill) we arrive at the Mountain Bamboo Guesthouse.

It was underwhelming at least. We’ve had A/C for the last five days, though, so I expected a little adjustment period to cheaper digs. After catching our breath and verifying that, indeed, we do NOT get an included breakfast (something that’s normally standard in these parts) we set out to see this ‘amazing’ island. Our first stop for some water at a small restaurant near the beach was equally underwhelming.

The beach wasn’t great, and the tide goes out real early so it was a bay of rocks and puddles. I totally have not been impressed with Thailand so far. We walked some more, watched some folks set up for a night party at another bar, and took the long walk back to our lodge. When we got back, we found a GIANT millipede in our room (take about four twizzlers in a bundle, that’s about right. We thought it was a snake at first) the latch didn’t close on the door and the windowshade was ineffective. To top it off, I slipped and fell on the wet tile (Indi had taken a swim earlier) whilst trying to get the millipede and I think I sprained my wrist and broke a toe. Argh!

Tomorrow better be a better day. Or else!

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