The Sun Rises Early

Ah, the joys of flexible travel. We leave Ao Nang tomorrow for a night bus (ugh) to Bangkok. Day after that we get on another day-long bus ride to Siem Reap, Cambodia. We’ll be in Cambodia for three weeks, at which we fly back to Bangkok with our cheap $25/person flight. Awesome.

After that, we were going to Myanmar. Due to a great flight deal we found, we won’t be going to Myanmar until probably January or February (we ARE still going, Mom :P). Instead, we’re flying straight from Bangkok to Osaka, Japan.

That’s right. Japan. I’ve been looking forward to this since we first started talking about travel, and Indi is very excited about seeing places that mean so much to her and helped shape her into who she is today. We hope to spend most of our time in and around the Osaka/Kyoto area.

After we’re done in Japan, we’ll take a ferry to China and work our way back to Myanmar and other Asian points of interest before we jet to Europe.

We are so. very. excited!!

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