Rhys’ New Foods List – September

9/2 – Boiled Rice and Pork – This was one of the most horrible things ever. When I say something is bland, it has to be a serious black hole of blandness. And this was BLAND. So bland I gagged, really. Never again.

9/4 – Thai Green Curry, Pepsi Green – The green curry was great and WAY different than Indian curry. It wasn’t spicy, really, and added a ton of flavor.

9/5 – Pork Mozzarella Rice Casserole – Pretty good dish served in a restaurant at one of the malls; I’ve had all individual ingredients before but the word ‘casserole’ usually scares me off.

9/6 – Hummus – No, I’d never had hummus outside of a tiny bite and ‘ew, no more’. It was pretty good and very fresh!

9/8 – Shark – AWESOME! My favorite seafood so far. Light and flaky yet not so fishy.

9/10 – Thai Chili Sauce – A bit of a kick, but I’m finding myself drawn to slightly spicier meals as of late.

9/13 – Barracuda – Not as good as shark, but it was a nice light fish as well.

9/14 – Plantain Chip – Ugh. I hate bananas and I didn’t like this either.

9/16 – Jalapeño – It was hot. Duh. Other than that, it added a nice flavor to some Thailand faux-Mexican food we were eating at the time. Not quite up to that spice yet, but I had more than one, so…soon maybe!

9/17 – Lemongrass Beef – This stuff was the bee’s knees. I wasn’t so fond of the lemongrass itself, but it had a wonderful flavor that was a little sweet without being overpowering.

9/19 – Lime Ice Cream – Refreshing. Nuff said.

9/24 – Rosti Potatoes – It was almost hash browns, and almost a potato pancake. I
had a bite of Indi’s and wished I’d ordered some. Good stuff.

9/27 – Keema Naan – Minced lamb stuffed naan, which is surprisingly similar to a quesadilla. Naturally, I loved it.

9/28 – Crab, Bibb Lettuce – Crab: not bad! I’ll need a bit more to give it a final verdict though. I enjoyed the slightly sweet taste of the bibb lettuce as well.

Revisit: Mustard. I’ve found that I really enjoy this on sandwiches, whereas previously I avoided it like the plague. Score one for Indi’s persistence.

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