Mr. Sulu, set a course…for home.

Well, Indi and I sat down tonight and not only crunched the numbers for what we need to make it as long as we can in Europe, but what we’ll need to restock when we get home.  Remember, we sold EVERYTHING when we left (from the furniture to our clothes to our bedsheets) and we need to have money for clothes, furniture, apartment deposits, first month’s rent, all that fun stuff to get re-established in the world.


ALL that being said, we have booked flight tickets home.  We are flying into Chicago on February 18th.  We will meet up with Nikki and Brad and spend the weekend in the Windy City, and then come back to Tulsa on Sunday, February 21st.
We are saddened that we will miss out on so much that we wanted to see and are coming home so early.  But we have seen many magnificent things and met many wonderful people.  We are much better travelers now than we were when we started in April.  This is not the end;  it is simply the next phase.  And we have Ireland, Britain, and Wales to go yet!

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