Rhys’ New Foods List – January/February

Yeah, this is way, WAY overdue...I apologize.  This will be my last entry in this series for now, unless something MAJOR happens. 1/3 - Roast Pork Neck:  If they hadn't told me it was neck, I wouldn't have known really.  Quite hammy. 1/6 - Pork Knuckle:  This was AWESOME.  Think of the most succulent and … Continue reading Rhys’ New Foods List – January/February

Rhys’ New Foods List – December

12/1 Jowl, Jyunkei – Served at our favorite meat-on-sticks place in Osaka, Jowl was a tough and well-seasoned beef-type meat that I enjoyed thoroughly. 12/3 Margherite Pizza – Margherita Pizza is like a cheese pizza, but in Italy, it’s totally different.  It’s the best pizza I’ve ever eaten.  Who’d have thought I enjoyed basil so … Continue reading Rhys’ New Foods List – December

It’s Cold Everywhere!

So it’s snowing/raining here, really cold back in Oklahoma, our next destination is the UK and they are having crazy snow!  I’m wearing my Hawaiian shirt out of spite. Speaking of our next destination, we have the final destinations mapped out.  We’re spending a week in Ireland, hopefully in the western portion of the country … Continue reading It’s Cold Everywhere!