As we begin preparations…

…to come home, our thoughts turn first to – where on earth are we gonna stay?? We have renters in our house for another year contract, which is fine, because that mortgage is awfully high for us to cover right off the bat anyhow. Our families have been through some rough stuff while we’ve been absent, and there aren’t any spare rooms left there. We could get an apartment and cover all the costs, and that’s doable, but not preferable. Rhys is going to start college when we get home and we need to save as much money as we can.

What IS preferable is if we can find someone to either rent with us (share a 2-bed with another person or another couple) or if anyone has a spare room in their place they wouldn’t mind renting out.

We’re a laidback, easygoing couple – as hopefully has been evident in our posts! – and we think we’re good roommates. Anyone out there have any ideas?

2 thoughts on “As we begin preparations…

  1. where do you want to start college? pitt state is a good school and there always places to rent here. but pittsburg is a tiny town. there is dic golf though! so, if you wanna live 2 hours from tulsa you are welcme up here.

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