Slow Days in London

It’s been a few days since our last update.  We haven’t forgotten about you all, honest!  We are in money saving mode for a few reasons and are trying to stay around the local area here (Uxbridge, suburb of London) as much as possible.  And that equates eating in and playing games with Matthew most of the time.
We have, however, gotten out a few times.  In another bit of good timing on our parts, we came to London at the same time as some friends from the Tulsa area, John and Carol Indrisie.  Indi grew up in Bakersfield and have been friends of the family for as long as she can remember.  They are originally from Britain and it was great to see them in their natural environment.  We met up at an old-style pub in Camden Town and had a great time conversing and enjoying some English cuisine.  After we parted we took a walk down Camden High Street to look at the shops.  (High Street is the Brit term for ‘Main Street’, by the way)  It’s easily the most fashionable street I’ve seen since Japan and ended with an amazing outdoor market called ‘The Stables’ that is full of antiques and bizarre wares.
The other bit of news we received in the last few days is regarding our renters.  They are moving out.  Although it’s much sooner than expected, it does provide an interesting option for our move back.  We’ve been looking for apartments to share with friends, but now that the house will be open it looks like we’ll be moving back there.  Indi’s brother is going to move in with us and we’re still looking for an additional roomie to help balance costs.  We’ll be moving in around the first of March and it looks like it’ll be about $500/mo (all bills included) for the additional room.  If you think you might be interested, send us an e-mail for more details.
We have one more day of London touring set before we head to Cardiff on Tuesday; I’ll check in once more before we set out to let you all know how it went!

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