How did this happen?

Before I go into a recently discovered travesty, let me tell you about my friend Nikki.

I met Nikki at Cingular Wireless…I think it was early 2003. One of the first things I learned about this person was her deep, entrenched love (and obsession) with all things Beatles. It is a rare occasion indeed when I see bits of her collection, and I can tell you it awes me. There is no other person I know that even comes close in terms of Beatles knowledge. She is eager to share her opinion on current projects and still cannot talk about George’s passing. Oh, and if you tell you that the original ‘Let It Be’ is better…I pray for your soul.

I was driving to the grocery store the other day and tuned my radio to 94.1, a local classic rock station. They were playing a Beatles song that I’d never heard before. I listened, made sure I didn’t recognize it, and rang her up.

“Hey, what song is this? I don’t recognize it,” I asked with confidence.

“That is ‘Golden Slumbers’,” she answered definitely.

“Huh. I’ve never heard it before.”

“That can’t be true. It’s on Abbey Road.”

She sounded rather dismissive of my claim.

“No, I’m positive. It segued in from this other Beatles song I’d never heard either.”

“‘She Came In Through The Bathroom Window?’ This is not possible. How is it you’ve never heard Abbey Road?!!?!”

Now she was starting to sound incredulously angry.

“Well, I don’t know! I know all their radio hits, but I guess I just never sat down and listened to all of Abbey Road.”

In a suddenly refreshed and upbeat tone, she advised me that we MUST get together and listen to it on vinyl. I agreed and the conversation ended. This was a week or so ago. Today, I start listening to a streaming broadcast of ‘A Hard Day’s Night’ as I watch the snow fall outside.

I realize quickly I’ve never listened to this album either.

Scanning Wikipedia, I don’t think there’s a single Beatles album I know all the way through. I’ve never seen any of their films. Hell, I’d have a hard time picking George out of a lineup.

Nikki is going to kill me. How in the world did I get here? How have I not heard these songs?

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