Having to Work at It

Yesterday was a big day for me.  It was the day I decided to work at undoing the damage I’ve done to myself in the last five months.

In the dozen countries I traveled to, every day was an adventure.  I walked to new places every day and experienced the world on my own two feet.  Regardless whether I wanted to see a landmark, sit at a cafe, shop at a grocers, or just listen to the hum of daily life I had to go find it.  I had no home to anchor myself to.  And it was easy.  I could eat food that I really enjoyed and still be healthy.

When we landed in Chicago in cold, snowy February (a time I really miss in this awful 100F degree weather) my weight hovered around 145.  Now it hovers around 160.  I got out and walked regularly.  Now I’m lucky if I walk to anyplace other than my car.  I smiled, carried myself well, and was at peace.  Now my fuse is unusually short and I have fits of unhappiness.  What the heck happened?

I rediscovered my ruts.  I sit at an office job all day.  I’ve stopped excercising.  I’ve picked up my old and terrible eating habits.  I just read a book loaned to me by a friend (Your Erroneous Zones by Dr. Wayne Dyer) and got a lot out of it; mostly, I realized that all of these problems cropping up are entirely my fault.  It’s not ‘society’ or my ‘upbringing’ it’s my daily decisions.  I started changing those decisions last night.

I started by having a healthy dinner.  Indi picked up some Basa filets at the grocer’s.  I’d never heard of it before, but evidently it’s an Asian catfish.  Very light, and very good.  I looked at my plate of fish and rice and smirked a small smile at how different this plate was to my historical dietary palatte.  Afterwards, we took a walk down to a local coffee house and relaxed for about an hour, talking to regulars and enjoying the atmosphere of an urban gathering spot.  On the walk home, I marveled at the effort it took to enjoy the same kind of lifestyle I enjoyed abroad in my hometown.  It feels like walking after a long period of bedrest.

For the first time in my life, I’m going to have to conciously excercise.  I don’t have to walk daily to accomplish anything anymore, so I have to make up for that.  I am all to eager to sit at home and smother my metabolism in snack food and air conditioning.  There is a track next to my office that I am going to start walking/jogging around every other day.  I’m also going to snack throughout the day and not go out for lunch unless it’s a special occasion. 

I’m tired of being tired.  After my walk last night, I have more energy this morning and am fired up to make real and lasting change in my life.  I’m approaching 30 and it’s just going to get harder.  I am going to need the support of my friends and family so this doesn’t become another one of those, ‘Boy, that was a good idea’ kind of memories that doesn’t take hold.  If I can sell my possessions and travel the world, I can get off my butt and take responsibility for my health.

One thought on “Having to Work at It

  1. As much as your fear of 30 is, is my fear of just becoming old, fat and lazy. While I passed 30 more than a decade a go, I am still in agreement with you that enough is enough, and have decided to do a blog dedicated to my health fitness journey.

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