South of the Border

Have I ever told you how much I love breakfast?

No?  Yes?  No matter.  I’ll tell you again.  I absolutely love breakfast.  I could have it for all meals all the time and be a happy individual.  After awaking at 7:30 this morning to one of those ‘ZOMG I OVERSLEPT AND AM LATE TO WORK’ instant moments, realizing I didn’t have to work today AND happened to be many miles from my office, Doug, Doug’s roomie David, and I ventured back down 4th to ‘The Coffee Cup’ for the first meal of the day.  Another splendid breakfast = another happy Rhys.  Not that there’s more than one of me.  Nevermind.

After accompanying Doug on some errands and some light packing, Doug and I set out for his place in Baja Mexico.  Oliver, Doug’s son, has just started college in San Diego and we dropped him off en route.  I don’t recall much of that part of the road trip thanks to more Dramamine-induced haze, but I do remember a chinook helicopter buzzing the freeway.  Once we dropped Oliver off, I regained my senses and we crossed the border into Mexico.

Seeing Tijuana after my travels wasn’t as jarring as it was the first time.  The disparity and poverty that exists reminds me much of the island of Java in Indonesia.  It’s crazy to look over that new, tall fence and see the pristine organization of the United States.  As we reached the city limits, I closed my eyes and the smells that filled my nose transported me a world away.  I was walking in an alley in Surabaya, unsure of my destination. I was sitting in a cafe in Siem Reap, waiting for the power to come back on.  I was walking to the local market in Jerantut.  It’s amazing to be so many places at once.

We arrived after an hour or so of scenic Pacific Coast driving.  I missed the ocean quite a bit.  It is oddly calming to look out over the expanse of water, especially on a calm day like today.  Once we arrived at La Mision, I walked out to the tide line and listened.  I am so happy to be here.  I relaxed on the porch for a bit to watch the sunset (well, it was mostly cloudy…more like imagining one) and noticed several schools of dolphins jumping in the ocean and playing.  Do dolphins travel in schools?  I’m too lazy to look it up.  Anyway, Doug joined me soon after and we ended up taking a walk down the beach with a neighbor and her energetic dog.

Then we went to dinner, I tried lobster bisque (not bad!), and now I’m sitting in a cozy living room, listening to the waves of the Pacific crash against the shore.  We’re supposed to get thunderstorms here tomorrow; that might be interesting.

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