My 2011 Starts Friday

2010 was a hell of a year.  In February, I returned home from my travels abroad as a better refined and defined version of myself.  I spent the next few months reconnecting with family, friends, and adjusting to being home again.  In May, my marriage took a big hit and it seemed to be finished.  I started a new career.  My brother in law attempted suicide in my home.  June brought me to the realization that I could no longer afford the house I purchased five years ago and entered into the short sale process, which brought me to my apartment near Cherry Street.  My marriage got a surprise second chance.

In August, I took a road trip to Atlanta with my best friends to experience the awe that is Dragon*Con.  October saw a solo adventure to California for BlizzCon.  In November, my marriage fell apart.  I got promoted at work.  December saw my grandmother succumb to lymphoma.  Last week, my father passed away with no warning.
In two days, I will attend my father’s funeral service.  I will quite literally bury a huge part of my life and prepare to embark on life with a new set of rules.  2010 had many ups and downs, and although my Dad was still around when I celebrated the New Year, I’m making an executive decision to put this event under the 2010 umbrella.  It’s up to me to carry on and continue making BOTH of my parents proud.  This is the year I become debt free.  This is the year I see more of America.  This is the year I come into my own in the workplace and make a difference.  This is the year I take all that I learned of myself on foreign soil and continue to be a force for good for my family and my friends.
Thank you all for sticking with me.  It’ll all be okay.

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