Coasting to a Close

After Lucy the Elephant last Wednesday, the family met up at the boardwalk in Ocean City.  I figured it would be more of the same since I’d seen the boardwalk in Wildwood…and it was, really, but the shops and attractions in Ocean City gave off a different vibe.

Sea Isle 17-116

Ocean City was better designed for children, that’s for sure.  There were more candy/ice cream shops, miniature golf courses, and a couple of clearly kid-friendly ride areas.  They had a ton of t-shirt vendors, just like Wildwood, but they were scattered between a greater variety of other shops.  After a dinner of great local pizza, we spent most of our time in Wonderland, the biggest concentration of kiddie rides on the boardwalk.  It dates back to 1929 and boasts one of the largest Ferris wheels on the east coast!

Sea Isle 17-123

The last time I rode any kind of fair rides, I got super dizzy and sick.  (I blame the blood pressure meds I take for my migraines.)  I was happy to buzz around and take photos as everyone else split their time riding with the kids.  The girls loved every minute, dragging the nearest adult onto the kiddie coaster, the carousel, and the Dumbo knock-off ride.  The adults laughed and screamed aboard the Tilt-a-Whirl and the Himalaya.  Tyler and Mom even braved the Drop Ride on their own.  Everyone had a spectacular time; we didn’t make it back to the house until after dark.

Sea Isle 17-150

Our last two days at the Shore were filled with time at the beach and in Sea Isle City.  Samantha made apple pie, we got ice cream at the family’s traditional place in town, played dominoes, went to the Arcade, and went for walks along the water’s edge.  When Friday evening descended, it was hard to believe that a whole week had gone by.  Saying goodbye to family when you know it’ll be a while before you see each other again is always tough.  We took solace in the many new memories we’d made together.

Sea Isle 17-171

Saturday morning, everyone parted ways.  Our group (me, Sam, Mom, and Tyler) drove to Philadelphia and returned the rental car, leaving us more-or-less stranded at an airport hotel all day.  It did allow us to make it to the airport early on Sunday, though, as our flight left at 7:00 AM.  After another mad dash through DFW, we were once again home.  I was able to see some of the tornado damage for myself and was shocked that our home escaped the storm.

My next big trip is only a few weeks ago, when I return to DragonCon for my eighth year!  I’m excited to see my friends again and take photos of all the awesome cosplayers.  Though I don’t have any local trips planned between now and then, you never know where weekend restlessness will lead me…

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