West Coast Wander – Part Four

The morning after the wedding in Mill Valley, we hit the road again – only this time without the four-hour head start we had on the way out. We also took a different route since the time was roughly the same: through Sacramento and Truckee, into Nevada and Utah and Wyoming before Colorado and Kansas. … Continue reading West Coast Wander – Part Four

West Coast Wander – Part One

In early September, Samantha and I trekked westward to Oakland, California for the wedding of one of Sam's best friends. Not only were we attending, but Sam was in charge of the reception...which meant hauling a rented SUV full of décor to the Pacific coast. It was a long journey, but very worthwhile. We were … Continue reading West Coast Wander – Part One

Galloping West for the Fun Run – Part 3

The second (and last) day of the Arizona Route 66 Fun Run took me through one of my favorite segments of the entire road: the Oatman Highway. The original alignment of Route 66 between Kingman, AZ and the California border takes drivers through the Black Mountains for 48 miles, reaching a height of 3,586 feet … Continue reading Galloping West for the Fun Run – Part 3