West Coast Wander – Part One

In early September, Samantha and I trekked westward to Oakland, California for the wedding of one of Sam's best friends. Not only were we attending, but Sam was in charge of the reception...which meant hauling a rented SUV full of décor to the Pacific coast. It was a long journey, but very worthwhile. We were … Continue reading West Coast Wander – Part One

Galloping West for the Fun Run – Part 3

The second (and last) day of the Arizona Route 66 Fun Run took me through one of my favorite segments of the entire road: the Oatman Highway. The original alignment of Route 66 between Kingman, AZ and the California border takes drivers through the Black Mountains for 48 miles, reaching a height of 3,586 feet … Continue reading Galloping West for the Fun Run – Part 3

Galloping West for the Fun Run – Part 1

In 2015, I rented a car in Los Angeles and drove Route 66 from the Pacific Ocean to New Mexico and back. It was the first time I'd driven that westernmost section of the Mother Road; I hadn't been that far west since. "Hey, you should come out to the Kingman Fun Run!" suggested the … Continue reading Galloping West for the Fun Run – Part 1

A Grand Adventure

Finally, the day had arrived. The centerpiece destination of our week-long anniversary road trip was at hand!  Furthermore, it would be a day completely without time in the car.  Instead, we took some older transportation from the town of Williams:  a train! The Grand Canyon Railway was originally part of the ATSF rail line.  When the first … Continue reading A Grand Adventure