"Vagabonding" – Rolf Potts

I highly recommend the book “Vagabonding” by Rolf Potts – it reads more like a philosophical dissertation on the joys of travel than a “travel guide,” as it is billed, but it is an enjoyable and smooth read. There were so many moments that gave me pause, so many phrases and thoughts that had come up during discussions with Rhys on our upcoming adventure worded slightly differently and written in print in 2003! Who says time travel doesn’t exist?

Potts’ premise seems to be that true, enduring adventures come through the slow and deliberate, even luxurious, moving through the world and taking real time to get to know a people and a place. Open-ended journeys are paramount, and chance is not chance at all, but the inner grumblings of instinct that gets buried beneath the thick veneer of corporate America. And some other things as well.

I enjoyed it immensely, although I suppose I would, since it serves as a bit of validation to our crazy plot. Do and be – those are the verbs I am most looking forward to embodying, not necessarily in that order. His website is at Vagabonding if you would like more information.

Reminder! Crazy awesome goodbye party featuring BARON VON SWAGGER this Saturday! Email or call us for more details (or just scroll down to Rhys’ much more informational post a few levels down).

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