Into Indonesia

Quick update from our new country!

Kuta, Bali, Indonesia (that’s city/island/country) is a crazy place. I’ve never been ANYWHERE in Asia so I’m in a bit of a culture shock. Indi is absolutely loving it, as she felt New Zealand was too easy. We’re staying with an amazing woman tonight (and she picked us up from the airport last night – after our 25 hr journey no less. So thankful!) and have an inn reserved for the next week here. We took a walk around the area to acclimate ourselves and I spent most of it trying not to look overwhelmed.

Traffic is nuts; there aren’t any rules, really, except the bigger vehicle gets to do what it wants. Scooters are EVERYWHERE (seriously, like 12 to 15 scooters per car) and move about the street like ants on a mission. Wrong lane? No matter. It feels a bit like Vegas did on the first day; lots of people wanting my attention for this or that (it’s quite touristy). When I saw the beach, I was awed. See, I woulda thought that the beach is the beach, period. It’s been totally different every time I’ve seen it. It was gorgeous! Lots of surfers, I’ll try to get some good pictures.

Oh, and McDonald’s and KFC delivers. I’ll try not to take advantage of that offer.

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