Phone Number – Quick Update

A lengthy Bali update will follow, but wanted to share this with friends and family. Thanks to Barb, our awesome CouchSurf host here, we have a mobile phone now! Incoming texts are free, not sure about whether incoming phone calls are also yet, please note this number down for any emergencies or if you really want to call/text us! In fact, if anyone could call us so we can figure out the incoming international call fees (they have a balance star service-like option), that would be great too!

To dial us, we THINK you dial: 011 62 812 37 535597 (yes, that is a lot of numbers!).

It will be our number for the entire time we’re in Indonesia, so until mid-July or so.

Bali is awesome. Oh, and Daddio – Happy Birthday and soon, Happy Father’s Day! We are sitting in a restaurant in Kuta at the moment, which is piping spanish music. “Wantanamera” or however you say it came on and I thought of dinners at Casa Bonita with you. Also, every time I look up at the stars (often!) and pick out the constellations I know, I think of you too. Love you and miss you! Best Dad Ever (Rhys may say that Tony holds that title, but I am partial to mine. And I’m always right. ^__^)

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