Since I’ve had a pretty light travel schedule lately, I thought I’d do something interesting with the photographs I already have.  I back up all of my photos on Google Photos, which has an appropriately great search function.  I posed a question on Facebook last week asking folks to submit words or phrases I could use; it returned some fun results.  In that vein, I’m going to post a series of photographs that were ‘discovered’ using a specific color.

Today’s post is ‘Yellow’.  I’ll caption each one to give some context.  Enjoy!

Timber Creek Bridge in Beckham County, Oklahoma.  This is on old Route 66 as you approach the Texas border.  It sits alongside I-40 and is easily visible from the highway.
Utica Square in Tulsa, OK.  It opened in 1952 as the city’s first ‘suburban shopping center’.  Today it’s nestled in the heart of midtown and is the home for several upscale shops.
Bill’s Jumbo in Tulsa is one of my favorites.  They make ’em the same way they have since they opened in 1960. They’re always busy and often run out of meat before official closing time.  Cash only & takeout preferred..they only have seven bar stools.
I love going to DragonCon in Atlanta every year, as the creativity of the cosplayers always leaves me stunned.  This is an Iron Man made out of boxes, one of a troop of boxy super heroes that also attends annually.
The sodium-vapor street lights in Barnsdall, Oklahoma give their entire main street a yellow glow at night.  Most small towns in Oklahoma employ the same cost-effective type of lighting.
La Posada in Winslow, AZ was built as a Harvey House Hotel and rail station back during Route 66’s heyday.  It was brought back from the brink of collapse and restored wonderfully.  It’s a great place to stay (complete with an excellent restaurant).  The walls act as something of a museum for the architect (Mary Colter) and the grounds feature a delightful public garden.
One of the first architectural tours I took in Tulsa was of the Will Rogers High School.  It’s a beautiful Art Deco structure with a lot of nice flourishes inside.  This is their gymnasium.
You never know what you’ll encounter when you take the back road somewhere.  This old Ford lived up to the mocking acronym (Found On Road Dead) between Tulsa and Sapulpa.
My beautiful wife poses for me in front of the daffodils at Woodward Park. ❤
I was walking to my room in Phuket, Thailand when I looked over and saw this pillow sitting in a windowsill.  This was the day before I joined a group of tourists to see Phang Nga Bay and the island where James Bond movie “The Man with the Golden Gun” was filmed.


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