Taman Negara – Day 2

Taman Negara, widely touted as the world's oldest primary rainforest ("Yes! It's even older than the Amazon!" read the brochures), is nonetheless a beautiful destination to explore. Though not independently confirmed as the "oldest," much to the chagrin of local tourist companies, it is dated at approximately 130 million years old, and has the added … Continue reading Taman Negara – Day 2

In Memoriam of Friendly Fur

Tioman was beautiful, it was everything that Rhys said it was, but I wanted to relate one specific incident that caught me hard. Nikki, I would recommend having tissues. There are thousands of semi-feral cats all over Malaysia, and Tioman was no exception. Some are looked after, a few are true "pets," but most beg … Continue reading In Memoriam of Friendly Fur